Five Tips for choosing a Multi Vitamin & Mineral Supplement.

Posted by Naturobotanica on 21st Apr 2020

Five Tips for choosing a Multi Vitamin & Mineral Supplement.

Five Tips for choosing a Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement.

There are so many great multi's on the market and many not so great ones too. How do we choose a multi that is going to be the best for us?

First of all, a multivitamin is a great way of ensuring you get all the nutrients your body needs in order for optimal upkeep such as immunity, energy, healing, digestion and so on. Such a multi-nutrient supplement is by no means a replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle, but rather a synergistic addition to it. This is necessary to ensure that we have an optimum baseline of nutrition and a multi-nutrient supplement also provides additional support for those with higher nutrient needs, such as children, the elderly, pregnant women, those with poor digestion, or individuals with a particular health condition.

There are so many supplements on the market today, so be mindful of the following tips when buying a multi.

1. The key is Bioavailability or absorption.

If you are not absorbing the nutrients in your food, then you are not absorbing your vitamin food supplements you are spending money on each month. Look at the forms of the nutrient. It is important to know what the vitamin or mineral is bound to as this can either aid or impede absorption in our gut. Such as different forms of vitamin C, as either ascorbic acid or magnesium ascorbate, for example, the latter of which is a ‘buffered’ form which many find gentler on their digestive tract and easier to tolerate.

So when you see "liposomal" or "methylated" on the market, these supplements are addressing optimal absorption. Or if you see a multi that contains enzymes this will ensure that your gut is absorbing those nutrients.

2. A Multi to suit your needs

A general multi needs to have the nutrients provided at an effective baseline level per daily dosages, such as 400mcg methylfolate, 400mcg methylcobalamin or 1000 IU vitamin D3.

Also, consider whether you may have higher nutrient needs such as a menstruating female may require a much higher level of iron depending upon their diet compared to menopausal and a vegan/vegetarian may require a higher level of vitamin B12. Also, consider a CoQ10 multi if you over the age of 50 to support energy levels.

Nutri Advanced Multi Essentials for Women provides support for hormone balance, bone health, energy production support and protection against oxidative stress which can cause premature ageing.

Cytoplans CoQ10 Multi is great for energy and immunity and a great choice for 55+

3. Ingredients

The supplement will show nutrient values, but there will also be a list of additional ingredients for stability and viability. Also, many of the fashionable gummies will contain cane sugar or tapioca syrup.

4. Tablet too large?

Some of the great multi's are unfortunately huge tablets! There are different ways to take your multi such as powders and liquids. I have not yet seen a gummy that does not contain sugars so if anyone comes across a good one please let me know. Naturobotanica assesses all supplements based on absorption, clinical papers, baseline nutrients and ingredients.

Sun Chlorella powder is the purest multi supporting energy, immunity and heavy metal detoxification. The power can be sprinkled on food or added to water or our favourite, coconut water!

4. Cost

How much does it cost, per day, per month? Rarely do we come across any individual who is not concerned about cost, so we are very aware of how much of an impact this product may have on monthly outgoings. But to reassure you, it is often a really good idea to breakdown the cost of your chosen multi-nutrient supplement per day and often you will find that it costs much less than a daily takeaway coffee, a small price to pay for investing in your wellness and long-term health.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash